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It can be difficult to find helpful resources dedicated to supporting individuals with NPD.

Below are links to lists of books and videos, as well as recommendations for how to begin a journey towards mental wellness.

Start Here:

Please note: This list is comprehensive, but by no means complete. If you know of a resource that aligns with the goals of this site and is not listed here, please reach out through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Disclaimer:  This list of resources and tips for starting out on a journey towards mental wellness was created by a mental health therapist. That said, nothing in this list or on this site should be used to diagnose an individual with a mental disorder without that person being seen by a practicing mental health professional directly working with that person. These resources and recommendations should be accessed in the spirit with which they have compiled- as an offering of hope and information for the healing journey. This is not medical advice, and a licensed mental health clinician who provides clinical therapeutic services is best-suited to diagnose and provide treatment for NPD and other mental disorders. These resources may be a helpful addition for the work a person undertakes with their own provider.


Books and related materials either created for individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or those which may prove useful.

Videos & Podcasts

Content created about NPD from the perspective of helping individuals heal.

Therapy 101

Finding a therapist who is qualified and available to work compassionately with individuals with NPD can be challenging. This brief guide suggests how to identify a licensed clinician that might be best suited to working with this diagnosis and tips for choosing an approriate provider.

Tips for the Journey

Much of the information on NPD found online, through friends an family, and the media, can be harmful and stigmatizing. Read suggestions on how to set boundaries around exposure to unhelpful content to increase success on the healing journey.

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