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Resources for loved ones

When you love someone with NPD, it can be difficult to know how to help them- or even if you should try. The resources below are meant to help individuals who love or are connected to someone with NPD find healing and clarity.

Please note: If you are a victim of physical and emotional abuse, your first priority should be the safety of yourself and dependents in your care. Please contact your local emergency services, domestic violence resources, or call 911 if you fear for your safety or need to make a plan to leave an abusive partner or family member.

Books & Articles

Out of the Fog, Dana Morningstar

Whole Again, Jackson Mackenzie

Emotional Sobriety, Tian Dayton, PhD

Unmasking Narcissism, Mark Ettensohn, Psy.D

Loving Someone in Recovery, Beverly Berg, MFT, PhD

The Tao of Fully Feeling, Harvesting Forgiveness Out of Blame, Pete Walker

In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, Peter A. Levine, Phd


Complex PTSD Workbook: A Guide to Go from Surviving to Thriving with Compassionate Mind-Body Approach, Pete Walker


The Language of Letting Go Journal, Melody Beattie


The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook, Theresa Comito, LMFT

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Recovery Workbook: Heal the Hidden Wounds from Childhood Affecting Your Adult Mental and Physical Health, Glenn R. Schiraldi PhD

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